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Complete online store for PRODUCTS
The online store platform is easy and intuitive, and has all the features that allow the retailer to focus on what his company does best: sell their products.

Complete online store for SERVICES
The independent professional can serve their customers receiving budget requests and managing his contacts with all the tools available on Social Marketplace.

Social network integrated to e-commerce
Having a social network within the platform is a major competitive advantage for our customers. Features like sending invitations, sharing, friendship suggestions, among others, generate full engagement and interaction between users. It is a favorable environment for sellers and buyers within the same segment to share information and recommend products and services among their social contacts.

Tools to optimize and increase sales conversion:
• Advertising in the form of banner so that products are better visualized on the social network of the platform
• Highlighting products in the category to which it belongs
• Sponsoring ads to appear on the public wall of social network
• Creating and sharing coupons for discounts on the social network platform
• Creating and publishing deals on the wall of the social network platform and Facebook
• Reputation system, where vendors are ranked according to the opinion of buyers, making the customers feel more secure when buying
• Dispute System, in which the unsatisfied buyer can open a dispute to complain and/or request refund. The platform is optimized to manage the entire trading process.
Integrated payment gateway (Safe online payment method)
To ensure greater safety in all transactions, the system has a completely secure payment platform, saving only the personal and shipping information, without saving any credit card details. With this method your customer feels safer on the purchase. The Social Marketplace system accepts all major credit cards, bank slips and online transfers, besides the possibility of integration with PAYPALL, PAGSEGURO, and other payment methods.

Secure online payment method - Social Marketplace - WI Group

Social Marketplace management system
The Social Marketplace investor has an easy and complete control over the entire virtual shopping mall store, with a management system that follows every stage of growth of the shopping mall owners within the platform, especially:
• Multiple administrators
• Statistics of activities
• Moderation and validation of users and products
• Control and moderation of content and activities
• Control of prices, fees and commissions for products, services, tools and advertising
• Full reports of all sales traded in the system
• Report on the growth of users and traffic
• Moderation of disputes and reports of non-delivery of goods by one or more retailers
• Tool to create content and engagement, as polls
• Reports (XML file) for greater control of the Social Marketplace
• Metrics of most searched products, sought and offered
• On Page SEO - records of target, tags and keywords for optimization in search engines
• Payment Gateway - security and data protection integrated to online payment with major credit cards, ATMs and bank slip
• Invoicing Control
• Help system with all the features of the platform.

Example of financial administration in - Social Marketplace Platform

E-commerce management system
The shopkeeper can easily manage his business in the Social Marketplace without having domain of any programming code. The management of the shop is simple, easy to use and has features such as:
• Importing Store inside the platform
• Registration, editing and deleting products
• Complete system for inventory control
• Sales and purchases Management
• Value transfer to the user’s account
• Content moderation in Store Wall
• Management of complaints
• Purchases of advertising and coupons
• Disclosure control for offers

E-commerce tools
Designed in order for retailers to start selling within the Social Marketplace quickly and effectively.
• Publisher of promotions on Facebook wall
• Developer of discount coupons
• Content sharer on social networks like Facebook
• Products appraisal
• Recommendation of products
• Plug-in to easily incorporate the store`s products on other sites, such as partners websites
• Integration with other social networks like Facebook and Instagram

BI (Business Intelligence)
With the strategy of using qualified database, we can generate greater engagement between users and retailers, thereby achieving higher business volume, both for sales and for service delivery.

Logistics - Deliveries management
The platform works directly with couriers, but if the retailer wants to insert his own company, or a third party courier company, the system is ready for data to be entered and product values are automatically calculated at the time of purchase. The accountability of delivery is up to the product seller, ie, the retailer.

The Social Marketplace platform is prepared to work with carriers.

Checkout for intelligent payment
At the time of finalizing the purchase, customer will not be directed to another website or your browser window, as many e-commerce sites, directing customers to sites such as Cielo, for example. All purchases are completed on the same webpage. This causes the rate of abandoned cart is minimized and there is greater conversion into sales.

Optimization for search engines (SEO - SearchEngineOptimization)
One of the key success factors for your business is the amount of visitors you can attract to your store through search websites such as Google. We invest in SEO, because we know that a good optimization can convert visitors into buyers. We use the following practices of SEO in Social Marketplace platform: titles, target, description, tags, friendly URL, sitemap.xml and robot.txt.

Potentiality and expansion
Every social network grows through invitation, sharing and friendship suggestions. Our platform includes sending invitations to email lists from any user, whether he is a retailer, supplier or consumer. We also use the feature of friendship suggestion, so that there is full social interaction between users.

Sending invitations to Gmail contacts - Social Marketplace platform - WI Group

Search System
After enabling platform, our team works together with the customer in order to outline the best path using keywords, categories and subcategories of products. This system covers the entire search results, by product, price, users, brands and stores.

Different business models
The Social Marketplace platform is prepared for business models B2B, B2C and C2B. Providers sell to retailers, retailers sell to consumers and individuals offer products or services.

Technology and Security
The information technology security offered by Social Marketplace platform is strong and effective. Our servers are prepared for simultaneous access and are run by the giant Amazon (USA). We have the best practices in information security: SSL 264-bit (Secure Socket Layer = HTTPS), protecting data flow. We adopted the PCI (payment data protection program), making it much safer as an online ecosystem.

PCI and Norton SecuredbyVeriSign - Social Marketplace - WI Group