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Why do we believe in collaborative economy?

Sharing, yes. Centralizing, no. This is the soul of this collaborative economy concept, which are companies and projects that have emerged from changes in sharing person-to-person (peer-to-peer), called collaborative consumption.

The shared economy model has been adopted by various industries and handled at least U.S. $ 100 billion (0.14% of global GDP in 2012)¹. To take a free ride on the way that the market has been taking, we must rethink our business models and incorporate one or more of three collaborative models, "Service Provider", "Market Developer" or " Platforms Providers". Thus we evolve close to our customers. The great learning experience for all of us is that the relationship with customers has changed; it is time to unleash the company to consolidate the market.

1. Rachel Botsman, an author of the book "What`s mine is yours."